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Extract Videos & Embedded Windows From Programs

  • Window Extractor allows you to pop out embedded videos and windows in other applications and place them into their own separate window that you can resize or make fullscreen without title bars or borders.
  • Great for presentations where you want to show off a CAD drawing, accounting spreadsheet, web video, etc.
  • When you close the extraction, Window Extractor will place the video or window where it originally was.
  • It is open source and the code is available for download.
  • Window Extractor is activated by using two hotkeys that can be changed in the settings panel.
  • Hold your mouse over a video or window title bar and press F10 to extract it.
  • Press F11 to restore the extracted object.
  • Version 1.2 includes a German language file courtesy of Christian Richter.
  • Important Note: May not work on all windows/videos/objects and can cause crashes on incompatible programs. Test before using in presentations!
  • Below is a screenshot of the settings panel.
  • Below are screenshots of Window Extractor in action:
Extract a YouTube Video.

Extract a Tabbed Window from Microsoft Visual Studio and Make it Full Screen.

Extract an Embedded Window from the Eclipse IDE and Make it Full Screen.

Window Extractor Works on Windows Explorer Folders, Too!

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