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What can I use Window Extractor for?

You can use Window Extractor to extracted embedded videos in your web browser on sites like YouTube and watch them in a separate window that stays on top of everything else. This way, you can watch your videos while surfing other sites.

You can also use it to extract embedded windows in applications such as CAD, programming, accounting, and other software and make the window take up the whole screen for presentations.

Is Window Extractor Free?

Yes, Window Extractor is free to use and modify. The source code is available on this site and is open source under a GNU General Public License V3. Please send me a copy of the code if you make an improvement so I can incorporate it into a new release.

If you find Window Extractor helpful, you can also donate towards the development of this project and my other projects by using the PayPal button on the right hand side of this page.

Window Extractor is Causing Some Programs to Crash or It's Not Replacing Extracted Windows Correctly.

Window Extractor is able to extract all types of windows that have a handle but some applications are not programmed to allow extractions. It is best to test and see if Window Extractor can work on the applications you have before using them for presentations.

How do I use Window Extractor?

Be default, Window Extractor uses your F10 and F11 function keys to operate (these can be changed). Just start Window Extractor up and a tray icon will appear that allows you to change the settings.

Place your mouse over a video or Window title bar and then press F10 to extract the object. Pressing F11 will restore the last extraction that you used.

How can I Translate Window Extractor to Another Language?

Window Extractor is coded to be multi-language compatible. Simply go into the Window Extractor folder -> Languages and make a copy of the English.ini file. You can then translate this file to the language of your choice following regular .ini setting file styles. You can e-mail your translated file to moc.liamg|erutciPnIoediV#moc.liamg|erutciPnIoediV and I will included them in new releases.

Who Created Window Extractor

Window Extractor was the result of this thread: at Donation Coder and is written by Eric Wong.

What can I go to Ask More Questions?

Head over to the official support forum:

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